Artist statement

I’m inspired by God’s Artwork- often humbled by the beauty. I long for the moments when I’m standing in awe at the base of a waterfall or quietly perched on a mountainside waiting for the sun to wake the world up. I love when the earth makes me feel small- on a serene lake somewhere with nothing but me, my camera, the trees and the birds, the sky and the water and the quiet stillness that surrounds me. The overwhelming emotion of just standing there in the woods- when the sun starts to peek through the trees and the fog and it takes my breath away…it’s those moments I’m most proud to capture and share with the people around me. 


I’m Terri Campbell, Landscape Photographer. The images you see today represent most of my favorite photographs I’ve taken. I’m originally from Texas, but call Tennessee home these days. This Appalachian region has captured my heart and captivated my attention. I hope that the work you see today gives you that same sense of awe, a moment of wonder and appreciation for the beautiful world we live in…

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