A Native Texan, Terri grew up influenced by a whole family of artists, singers, songwriters and photographers. Mom was an artist, Dad was the photographer and gave Terri her first camera at about age 9. Taking roll after roll of really awful snapshots, photography would come and go through different stages of her life, but art and creativity were always present. Life would eventually bring her to the great State of Tennessee where the photography bug finally took over and became her primary medium. 

Terri loves adventuring into the outdoors and enjoying the landscape of the Appalachian region that God has so richly blessed us with. While landscape photography is her favorite, she also enjoys architecture and macro photography, creating abstracts and what she likes to call “the artsy-fartsy stuff” which borders more on impressionist and surrealist type artwork. Terri loves capturing the local culture and has several award-winning pieces which showcase some of Bristol’s more iconic landmarks.

In addition to fine art landscape photography, Terri also provides Real Estate Photography. Her number one goal is to help you represent your home as good as possible for prospective buyers. Please see the Real Estate Prep Checklist for additional information. 

Terri lives in Bristol, TN with her husband. When she’s not busy chasing waterfalls or her next great image, her and her husband enjoy riding motorcycles, hunting, hiking and an occasional ride in her Jeep!

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